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Removing Cats

I see quite a bit of comments about removing cats and removing the 
elements of the cat. I was quite surprised not to see anyone warn 
people not to do this. A few good reasons not to do it. The first and 
most important is the later models cars were designed to have the cat in 
the system and removing can cause a lost in HP as well as increasing 
emmissions. Second is the increasing inspections coming to all 50 
states not just California and one of the future test may include 
taking temp. measurements before and after the cat. So if you insist 
on doing it at least save you good cat and gut a junk one so you can 
bolt it back on when the time comes. O also forgot to tell you about 
the $2600 fine that you or/and a service shop can be fined for 
tampering with any emmission controls. We use to do all that kind of 
stuff back in the early days but the laws have gotten very strict and 
as a service facility we are an easy target for the smog police. So 
just beware of the negative sides as the cats now are very high flow 
and the benifits are small for the risk taken.