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Thanks & Driving School info

Thanks to all of you for your nice response and welcomes.
I have talked the wife into a stick and hope to get the car in the 
next week or so. Also here's some info on upcoming events for Audi's 
as well as VW's.

Just found out that there is a $25.00 off coupon in the current 
release of Larry Colen's book " A Practical  Introduction to 
Performance Driving"  . Listed below is a outline of what the book 
covers. This coupon is good for the Buttonwillow school coming up on 
June 1-2nd or any future events. The book retails for $18.00 and we 
are offering it for $15.00. Talked to the director of Nasa yesterday 
and we may be able to offer these driving schools-car shows a few 
times a year and at different tracks. Should be alot of fun. 
Here is some other info on the big event in June. The admission price 
will be $15.00 per person and will include a parade lap around the 
track with all the VW's and Audi's that want to. We will have $1000 
of prizes and lots of neat stuff like a Corrado group picture to 
break the record of last years 32. We are still in the planning stages 
so I will be posting lots more as we get the plans worked out. 
Also we will be having our Charity Car show -Swapmeet-Sale day on May 5th with free food and drinks and $1000 of
door prizes and all sorts of fun events. Admission is 2 cans of food for entry and $15 for a show spot or swap spot.
All money and food goes to the Second Harvest Food Bank. For an entry form to our charity show or the buttonwillow
car show drop and E-mail to ndstaff@newdimensions.com or call 408-980-1691 ext. 8202. For an entry form for the
driving school E-mail nasa@wco.com or call 510-232-6272. There are limited entries for all of these events so get
yours in soon. The driving school only has about 100 spots a day for the June 1-2nd event. If you have never driven
on a racetrack you do not want to miss this as it is something you will never forget. Plus you will see some of the
best VW's and Audi's  on the west coast.

Contents of book
         Driver Ergonomics
             Seating Position
             Proper steering technique
             Heel and toe downshifting
         Basic Principles of car control
             The circle of friction
             Weight transfer
              The basic line through a turn
              Sequences of Turns
          Improving your driving everyday
              Things that you can legally and safely do to improve
              your driving without a racetrack.
          Taking an on-track school
              What to bring 
              Who to bring
              Flags and Safety
              What to do when things go wrong