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Re: Audi models not coming to US

> "Audi S8, the performance companion to the big A8 Quattro sedan that 
> ...
> alloy wheels.  No U.S. version of this limited edition model is planned."

What that little &#^$%!&@!!

> "A well-known Italian marque, Isotta Fraschini, has been resurrected and
> ...
> Italdesign, the T8 uses the 4.2 liter, 300hp, twin-cam, V-8 and all wheel 
> drive Quattro systems from the Audi A8.  There are no plans to market the 
> new 2+2 models in the U.S.

I believe IF deal with Audi is a bore and stroked version of the 4.2. IF 
quoted the V8 produced somehwere around 340hp to 350hp. I think it was 
pure 2-seater to complete with MB SL models.

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