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Re: New Rubbers


>Also, surfing the net yesterday, and inadvertantly ran into a
>picture of my car, taken at the Quattro Club event at Second
>Creek (Denver) last year.  Check it out at 
>Alex Chernushin
>'90 Coupe Quattro

Hi Alex!!  

Haha!  I happen to be the creator of the Autobahnia Web Page!!  I
was wondering if the owners of any of the cars would be online... 
I guess so!  ;) hehehehe  

BTW, I LOVE your Coupe!  Que bella!  ;)



Darin Nederhoff         email:  savidesn@audvid.win.net
'93 S4 (pearl / Ecru) -in the family 
'87 4kCSQ (sapphire blue / gray)-my daily driver  
'86 XR4ti (white / gray) -my summer cruiser  ;) 
AUTOBAHNIA USA Homepage...  http://www.win.net/~audvid