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'90 200t question

        In the slushie mess that was the last snowstorm, my alternator went
down.   It turned out that slush and salt had gotten kicked up off the road
and before I know it the alternator was shot.   Of course I was
flabbergasted when the mechanic told me that there was no kind of guard to
fit under the engine to prevent this from happening.   He tried to call a
parts vendor for a guard, but said the NEVER made them for the 200's (which
i found hard to believe).   He told me to help myself to an old one of an
Audi 90 and suggested some ways to make it work.   Needless to say, after
plunking down the cash for an alternator rebuild, I'd like to keep this from
happening again.   Here's my question, are there really no guards for a '90
200, or was he full of goose grease?   If not, what can I do (besides a
gerry-built rigging of my own), I really don't feel like giving a mechanic a
slew of money everytime we get 2+inches of snow.   TIA, sorry so long. : )