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Re: 1992 Audi 100S - System Check Display

        On the hi-tech readout thread, let say two things.

        1)  This is a question.   A few weeks ago, my left brake light went
out, and the computer kindly let me know about it by beeping and displaying
"brake light" every first time I'd step on the brake after starting the car.
i replaced the light, and it stopped beeping and displaying as mentioned
above, but when the diognistic check is run, it is displayed.   Is this
something only your "friendly, skilled (read: moneygrubbing) Audi
technician" can help you with or is this a sign of worse problems?

        2)   This is a statement.   To be quite honest, I like the
simplicity of my old '81 5000 better than all the gadgetry on my '90 200t.
I understand that the computers bring many advantages to cars, but sometimes
i long for the simplicity of my old girl.    Oh well.

    -Reid Meyer