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automotive electronics books

>From time to time, one gets on numerous mailing lists. As I was going
through the heap that I call my 'in basket', I noticed a flier from
SAE International, entitled "Automotive Electronics Publications".

Perusing the pamphlet, I see alot of nice (expensive) books that may
be useful. Titles include "Bosch Automotive Electric/Electronic
Systems", "Sensors and Actuators", "Automotive Audio", "Electronic
Engine Controls" and many others. The Probst book is in there, along
with many others.

Topics of discussion include OBDII, EFI Controls and mods, electronic
suspension systems, vehicle lighting, etc. There is even a description
of the OBDII which defines the test modes, protocols, etc. Prices vary
from $30 or so to over $100 for conference proceedings. If anyone would
be interested in receiving more information, please contact SAE at the
address below.

Sometimes interesting stuff comes in the junk mail. I'd imagine Graydon
and others here would already have many of these books.

    SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
    400 Commonwealth Drive
    Warrendale, PA  15096-0001
    (412) 776-4970
    (412) 776-0790 fax

not a member, no financial interest, guaranteed not to rust, bust or
collect dust, etc.....

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