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2.3 10v NA

	March 19, '96 Bruce B. wrote (in part) as follows:

	"A 2.3 10v with improved exhaust (go for 2.5"), Shrick 272 should
get you around 180 hp.  Do the head & manifold work and blueprinting thing
and you may just see 200HP NA".

	Question:  Are we talking about the same 2.3 10v motor?  The 
motor that came stock in the '89 100q?  A friend used the 272, chip & K&N 
in this motor and by the seat of my pants I couldn't sense that type of 
improvement.  He was estimating closer to 150-155, but of course no dyno 
testing.  If you have done this work, and really got this type 
improvement, can you tell me what exhaust work was actually done?  What 
about the low end loss, if any?  I would really appreciate any info you 
or anyone else has in pulling 180-200hp from the