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Re: 2.3 10v NA

At 04:49 PM 3/20/96 -0500, Stephen Williams wrote:
>	March 19, '96 Bruce B. wrote (in part) as follows:
>	"A 2.3 10v with improved exhaust (go for 2.5"), Shrick 272 should
>get you around 180 hp.  Do the head & manifold work and blueprinting thing
>and you may just see 200HP NA".
>	Question:  Are we talking about the same 2.3 10v motor?  The 
>motor that came stock in the '89 100q?  A friend used the 272, chip & K&N 
>in this motor and by the seat of my pants I couldn't sense that type of 
>improvement.  He was estimating closer to 150-155, but of course no dyno 
>testing.  If you have done this work, and really got this type 
>improvement, can you tell me what exhaust work was actually done?  What 
>about the low end loss, if any?  I would really appreciate any info you 
>or anyone else has in pulling 180-200hp from the 
I think he may be referring to the 20v motor...after all, the coupe in
the ec article had the 20v motor.
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