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RE: ur-q strut compression/rebound

>Does anyone have the compression and rebound values for the stock 
>Boge struts? I need the values in newtons (N). The compression/rebound 
>for any other ur-quattro struts would be appreciated as well.

I would like to hear this too. Also does anyone know how to read Bilstein
part numbers to determine compression/rebound info? Eric?

>And would anyone perchance have the spring rates for the '84-on stock ur-
>quattro springs? The spring rates for H&R and Eibach ur-q springs would be
>appreciated as well.

For the ur-q, info from Roland at H&R
             Eibach        H&R
front    205-218      185-245
rear         140             165

I also have a fax from Eibach in another set of notes, which also
gives the eibach data, don't know the exact values, but close to
the above from what I remember. Also have some stock 83 TQC
spring data if interested.

Also from Roland, is some info on the springs for the coupe GT
             Eibach         H&R
front         140             165
rear         125             135

Anyone have opinions about the GT springs? I will be doing
the my GT suspension soon and springs are in the plans. I am
planning on using some Abt valved Bilsteins which I picked up
last year.
Dave Lawson   dlawson@ball.com
86 gt