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Re: BBS wheels, 5k

  Bob.Damato@snetel.com writes:                                  

 BD> I was at my famous junkyard the other day, and there was a 5ktq with
 BD> some  really nice BBS (Real BBS) spoked rims. They were 16" with good
 BD> Comp T/a  225 rubber on them. I can get them for $50 for the 4. One
 BD> minor  problem...on each rim there is a lock, and there is no key in
 BD> sight.  Whats the best way to get them off??!?!?!?
 BD> BTW, the car otherwise is trashed. Hit from the rear, and then punted
 BD> the  car in front of him. Not much left at all. :(

    There is a tool sold by all the professional tool suppliers,
    ie: Mac, Snapon, etc. for removing these wheel locks. Most 
    body shop supply stores also sell the lock removal tool.
    If I recall correctly, the tools are Make specific, so there
    is a tool for GM, Ford, VW etc.

    Good Luck, nice deal if the wheels are straight.

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