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Re: V8Q Transmission and

 H R BACH <hrbach@io.org> writes:

 HRB> I looking at the purchase of a 1990 V8Q which has a ticking noise in 
 HRB> either the automatic transmission of the centre differential (ll part
 HRB> of  the same unit).
 HRB> Can anyone advise if parts are available for this transmission
 HRB> anywhere  in N/A? Or is there a rebuild shop who is familiar with the
 HRB> transmission  and has a source for parts? Or is there likely to be a
 HRB> good used one  around? If it's of any help, the transmission number is
 HRB> ATU 48P-24A. 
      Have this ticking checked before you buy. Parts for the 
      tranny are hard to come by. I spoke to a local Euro
      tranny rebuilder, and according to him, he's done a
      V8 tranny fix with leftover seals etc. from Porsches,
      BMW, Mercyless and god knows what trannys.  Otherwise
      a factory rebuilt is BIG BUCKS. (Asked him about 
      which tranny he considered the worst of the euro-boxes,
      he told me the hands down winner was BMW.)
 HRB> Another question. Audi apparently replaced the original inboard
 HRB> caliper  brakes and some front suspension components with a more
 HRB> conventional  Audi system. Under what conditions did they do this? Was
 HRB> it a factory  recall, and if so, will they still do it if you ask
 HRB> firmly. 
      Audi doesn't recall....it TSB's.  Audi seems to fix known
      problems such as the UFO brakes on cars of customers who
      complain while the car is under warranty.  My V8 luckily
      had the brakes switched over, still expensive..but no where
      near the cost of UFO's.
 HRB> I asked Audi about a service manual, and they offer it only on 
 HRB> microfiche. Is there another manual available?

      I too was resigned to the fact that there was no manual
      available for the V8...UNTIL I found one.  It's a long story,
      but I had given up finding a manual altogether, discussing 
      this fact with a friend of mine, when he non-chanantly informs
      me that he has the manual, all 4 volumes of it. I of
      course didn't believe him, until he showed me it, along
      with the book "The New Audi V8 Quattro Service Training".
      I had a near sexual experience at this point. He wouldn't
      part with it, but he did allow me to have it photocopied, 
      cost me something like $70, plus another $25 for the 
      original style three ring binders. Sums like this
      used to seem like alot, until I began to worship at the
      altar of the Audi gods.
      If you dig up a manual it does simplify things vs the microfiche, 
      but the microfiche should always be verified whenever you're 
      going to do any procedures in the hard copy. In the 
      printed manual it says to "remove the intake manifolds" as
      part of the procedure to change the timing belt. On the
      fiche it says "remove the intake DUCTS". Slight difference. :)
 HRB> Thanks for any help you can provide.

 HRB> Bob Bach  87 5kTQ Avant

      Cobram@Channel1.Com  '90 V8Q, '84 5KS

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