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RE: 86 4000 front speakers (long reply)

These speakers are a pain. Plan on some modifications if you want to replace with aftermarket.

First, Grab the a/c vent just under the speaker in the front of the dash and pull the pivoting air director out.
Then look at the inside of the pipe, you'll see it bends going to the center of the car. You'll also see four tabs 
in the face which hold it in. Using a screwdriver, carefully unclip the tabs and pull the pipe out.

This will give you the easiest shot at the speaker. Now, take a screwdriver bit and a open end wrench (very 
tight quarters) and you can remove the screws holding the speaker assembly to the dash.

Once you've got the assembly removed, you'll get a lovely surprize... the speaker is integrated into the trim 

Blaupunkt makes a 3 1/2 inch speaker which fits very well and looks great with the following mod:

Take the old speaker/trim assembly and gut it. Tear out all you can of the old speaker (it didn't sound very 
good, anyway.) That will leave you with a trim piece and a basket. Take a utility knife, dremel, etc, and cut the 
speaker basket from the assembly. This will leave you with a round cut out  for the speaker. Now you'll have to 
trim the stifening ribs on the top. You'll just have to eyeball this one to you particular speakers. After having 
your new speakers fit in this new mount you can drill and using small hardware bolt the speaker to the trim.

Replacing is opposite of removal.

If you pull out the fibers in the speaker grille, you can see through the perforation and look at the speakers. 
With the Blaus I mentioned you can see the Blau name amblazioned under the mesh. Looked very nice and 
professional when I did it.

Is it worth it? The Blaus made a big difference in my car, I think  it is woth the time....


94 cherokee Country
94 cherokee Limited V8
87 Maserati Biturbo Si (always for sale cheap)