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89 200tqw

	Advice needed:

	Test drove '89 200tqw today.  100,000 miles, good service 
records, excellent pearl paint and gray interior.  Needs tires, as the 
D60's are pretty well shot.  Owner was an Audi guy [races a 911 on the 
side, though] wants a Saburban for the wife and kids.  Car had new fuel 
pump, timing belt at 85k, master cylinder, belts, hoses, etc.  Semmed to 
be well cared for and when pushed hard ran great and breaked evenly.  One 
question is the clutch.  Clutch took much more pressure to engage than my 
'89 100 Q.  Had a "soft" hum coming from the shifter?  Didn't sound like 
any tranny noise I had ever heard, seemed to be more in the components of 
the shifter itself.  Kinda baffled me.  Car has the >89.5 motor.  Guy 
wants $6,900.  Any thoughts?  [BTW I've got 2 5kt parts cars, 86 and 87; 
hey, both cars run, total outlay= $700.  So, if the wife is reading this, 
parts should not be a prob]

Thanks for your quick thoughts on the clutch and price.