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May EC

	Great '87 5ktq in the May edition of EC.  Owner=Carl Jerritts.  
Sounds like most of the trick stuff came from Audi Sport in Germany and 
ABT. Anyone out there wanna share the phone # for Audi Sport?  A contact 
name would also be appreciated.

	Second article in same mag is about a S6 prepped by Joe Hoppen.  
Joe gets pretty outspoken in this article about ECU chips.  Hmmmm, wonder 
who he is referring to?  Really good articles, wish I could scan them on 
for you.  
	One of the most interesting things in the 2 articles is the 
respective drivers choice of tires.  The 5ktq rides on Yokohama AVS 
Intermediate radials (245/45ZR-16); the S6 on Pirelli (235/40 ZR-17 
P700Z).  Hmmmm again.  Great issue.  



P.S.  I posted earlier about a wagon I am considering.  In the post I 
mentioned 2 5kt parts cars.  Thanks Bill, they are not for sale.