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Window & Alternator

More on driver's window not coming down when switch is pressed.

After re-installing the window switch panel in my 200, I tried 
pressing the switch repeatedly, and I believe I hear a very quiet click inside 
the door when I press the switch.   Makes me think the problem may be 
poor contact at the motor.....

I did get a helpful reply from Mike LaRosa on removing the switch 
from the panel in which it's mounted; his recommendation is 
basically the Tim Taylor method: MORE POWER!  (Push harder and try 
not to remove too much skin and thumbnail when the switch pops 

Guess I'll try again on the switch, then go inside the door.

Also - my alternator is working fine but making a lot of noise.  The 
old screwdriver-stethoscope method pinpoints the alternator as the 
source of rattling, nasty noises.  My bet is bad bearings at 69K miles.  

Also seems like this would be as good a time as any to do brushes, 
etc. so I think I'll have it rebuilt for $96.50 (with one year 
warranty) at a local alternator specialty biz.  They say they can do it in 
about two hours if I want to bring mine in - or they have ones 
they've rebuilt on hand.  When in doubt, I'd just as soon keep my own 
and have them do it.  Just don't want those bearings to go bad on the 
road!  Comments?

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