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RE: Window & Alternator

I would concur on the alternator. If it's making noise, fix it. I had
similar problem on an old Rabbit that I got rebuilt for fairly cheap, rather
than big bucks to replace.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Subject: 	Window & Alternator
>More on driver's window not coming down when switch is pressed.
>After re-installing the window switch panel in my 200, I tried 
>pressing the switch repeatedly, and I believe I hear a very quiet click
>the door when I press the switch.   Makes me think the problem may be 
>poor contact at the motor.....
>I did get a helpful reply from Mike LaRosa on removing the switch 
>from the panel in which it's mounted; his recommendation is 
>basically the Tim Taylor method: MORE POWER!  (Push harder and try 
>not to remove too much skin and thumbnail when the switch pops 
>Guess I'll try again on the switch, then go inside the door.
>Also - my alternator is working fine but making a lot of noise.  The 
>old screwdriver-stethoscope method pinpoints the alternator as the 
>source of rattling, nasty noises.  My bet is bad bearings at 69K miles.  
>Also seems like this would be as good a time as any to do brushes, 
>etc. so I think I'll have it rebuilt for $96.50 (with one year 
>warranty) at a local alternator specialty biz.  They say they can do it in 
>about two hours if I want to bring mine in - or they have ones 
>they've rebuilt on hand.  When in doubt, I'd just as soon keep my own 
>and have them do it.  Just don't want those bearings to go bad on the 
>road!  Comments?
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