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hello everyone.  I have a few questions regarding the coupe gt.  I have an
	1.  My first question is regarding the black trim along the doors.
It has become severly faded and almost white.  I tried using some of the
armor all black chrome and it did absolutely nothing to help this problem.
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I can do inexpensively.
My friend suggested black shoe polish, but I am unsure of this solution.
	2. How long does it take to get behind the instrument panel to
check on the speedo.  I have been quoted two hours, at 130 dollars.  This
is before they actually do anything though.
	3.  What is the best stuff that I can use to clean the wheels.
	4. How much should I pay for a driver's side hub assembly.  I also
have to get the bearings done on this side.
	5.  How easy is it to install a new control arm bushing on the
driver's side.  I have no mechanical experience and I was wondering if I
could save some money on the labor.
	6.How much does a driver's side mudflap cost and where can I get
	7.Are there any Audi clubs in the states that I can join, also any
aftermarket parts catalogs that I can get a hold of.

Well that's it.  I appologize for the length.  Thanks for your time.

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT