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Re: : Rendezvous - Car

> Tr> Scott, do you have any idea what the car is?  I have spent many a
> Tr> long  night in debate with friends about the make and model.

I have the tape too (worth every penny on those cold nights).  I've seen
posts of 308GTB and 275GTB.  My guess would be sounds like specially geared
V-12 vs a V-8.  For those of you that haven't seen it - it is an in-car
camera of a guy rippin from one side of Paris to the other.  If you haven't
seen it - you can't imagine how many red lights the guy runs during the
course of 9 minutes.  Is that a traffic circle or skid pad :-)  Also driving
on the sidewalk to avoid the garbage truck (and the lady on the sidewalk!)
is interesting...You have to have an original to see any clarity.  I paid
about $50 for mine at the Watkins Glen Vintage Race from some vendor there.
I think I have the order information if others are looking for it...

Another classic I would like to see - The Italian Job.  I've heard this
vintage movie about a robbery of some sort crashes many Mini Coopers, a
Lamborghini Miura's, E-types and countless other now rare classics.  Why
can't they crash my Quattro and give me the Miura?  I hate when that