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RE:More Bra info

 I have had nurmerous "bras" on all my vehicles, including my current 90 coupe.
The only way that it'll rub the paint "off" is if you never wash your car and
let dirt and crud build-up under neath....creating a sandpaper effect. NEVER
wash your car with the bra on. They will also "fog" the paint if left on for
extended periods of time when wet. This hazing effect will (should) dissapear
with time. Also, keep the secure tabs fastened. If they get loose they'll flap
in the wind and damage the paint etc. I recomend just running the "Hood"
portion. Much easier.

 The point you ask? Use common sense. If your too lazy to keep your car clean
on a regular basis, then a "Bra" is not for you. Its not the kind of thing you
just put on and leave. The 3M tape is available from NAPA. A 48" X 6" piece
runs about $48. Call 3Ms 800# for a dealer near you. Or, you might try one of
those plastic hood mounted plexi-glass thinga'ma jigs...like on those big f***
trucks....ya, that would be coooool, maybe a blue one.....:)

90 90CQ 40K
90 FZR1000 11K

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