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C&D top 3 euro sedans....

Got my issue of C&D yesterday. Comparo of 3 euro sedans: SAAB, BMW, and Audi
A4. Hey, guess what? They actually liked the Audi...infact, they gave it the
honor of being C&D #1 choice! (Surprise, surprise) Haven't read the article yet
though. Also, the recent issue of EC is chucked full of Audi articles/cars...
check it out.
Some one asked what they should pay for a 90 coupe w/66K. Depends on what part
of the country your in etc. and how bad you want *that* car. Pay what ever you
feel its worth...and feel good about it! Also, I highly recomend some kind of
after market warranty (and buyer inspection). There is a reason Audis are "a
lot of car for the $$$"..they are *verrrrrry* expensive to repair, and seem to
break on a regular basis. Lots of little crap. Just had the rear wiper switch
and wires going to the rear hatch re-sodered (they had gotten brittle from
opening/closing the hatch. ALL of them were sheard off completely)..total
price?? right around $800. (Price to install a complete new harness? alomst
$2,000!!) All covered by warranty.

90 90CQ 40K
90 FZR1000 11K

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