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Re: quattro-digest V3 #276

Daves figures are a bit different from mine, and I'm happy to accept his as
I'm going by memory from 5-6 years ago.

One thing I can be sure of is that a sensor which gives 1.5 - 2.5v at
atmospheric and goes up and down from that as the pressure goes up and down
is going to be a sight better than a sensor with a fixed output of 5v. The
closer you can get to the original curves the better the response is going
to be but we found that fitting 25 PSI sensors just made the car feel a
little flat at 15 PSI boost. Otherwise it was ok. Its a question of how much
you are prepared to compromise I suppose.

If someone wants an accurate pressure curve, I can get one from England but
this thread seems to be going nowhere as I haven't been asked for a source.

Peter Wales