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Re: May EC, pagid pads

At 02:35 PM 4/8/96 -0400, Glen Powell wrote:

>>chips.  I've seen where Ned put a comment in his materials about "pulling
>>away from" a Hoppen S4.
>Perhaps I misread that article, but I thought that the Joe Hoppen S6 used
>the IA CPU.......

The ec article quotes Hopen as saying he uses chips from Lehman, who is
claimed to do the software for the street engines.  So what's Bosch's role
in the development?   Hoppen, IMHO, stretches this to imply that his mods
are using "factory" chips.  

One interesting point of the article is that the Hoppen mods include the
addition of IC sockets and the return of your original chips.  

As for my earlier comment on Ned's claim of pulling away from Hoppen cars, I
have a mailing from him from January 1994, when he announced his modified
exhaust manifold/header (cast iron, reshaped) for the 20v turbo.  At the
very end of the mailing, he writes:
    "  P.S.  Incidentally, in competitive testing, one of our 
    Intended Acceleration modified S4 Audis would 
    rapidly and consistently pull away from a 300hp 
    Hoppen modified S4."
FWIW, at that time, the price on his 20v turbo modifications were dirt
cheap, esp the computer chip only:  
    $249, 1 EPROM change
    $495, 2 EPROM change
    $1495, 2 EPROM & cast header
    $2995, 2 EPROM, cast header, bigger turbo
my how things change.
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