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Re: May EC, pagid pads

At 07:15 PM 4/1/96 -0500, Linus D. Toy wrote:
>At 10:28 AM 3/30/96 -0500, Stephen Williams wrote:
>>	Second article in same mag is about a S6 prepped by Joe Hoppen.  
>>Joe gets pretty outspoken in this article about ECU chips.  Hmmmm, wonder 
>>who he is referring to?  Really good articles, wish I could scan them on 
>>for you.  
>haven't seen the article yet.  an interesting comment about Jo Hoppen and
>chips.  I've seen where Ned put a comment in his materials about "pulling
>away from" a Hoppen S4.

Perhaps I misread that article, but I thought that the Joe Hoppen S6 used
the IA CPU.......