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Re: UrQs - 2 Manuals

In a message dated 96-04-01 22:54:34 EST, you write:

>The manuals are titled "Introductory Service Training Infomation, Quattro"
>and "Introductory Service Training Information, Maintenance and
>Adjustments, Quattro".  The first explains how things work, and the second
>explains how to fix them.  I got nth generation photocopies from a local
>quattrite.  I wonder if anyone on the list knows where to get originals.
I just happen to have 3 copies of these manuals.  Two years ago I meet a
fellow who had a near original copy.  I borrowed it and went to Kinko's.
 They made 3 very nice spiral bound copies.  The cost for the print job was
about $50.  I'm going to keep one copy and would like to sell the other two.
 Price for a copy is $30.  If you are interested email me.  Also, to insure
that these two copies get good homes, let me know why you want one.