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Re: unintended flames

To reply to Todd's message (which I won't quote to save bandwidth),

I remember reading a study from the NHTSA back in the late '80's or early '90's
that absolved Audi of any wrongdoing or design flaws and attributed all
those garages suddenly having back doors to "pedal mis-application."

Basically it said that 98% of those people who reported complaints had
just recently moved from a large 'Murrican boat which (as we all know) has
enough space between the brake and accelerator to park a compact car!
This then making for quite a change when they climb into our beloved
Audi's which were set up to be driven, not ridden in.

I remember hearing a quote once that explained the difference between
Japanese cars and German cars:

"It's rather simple you see, Japanese automobile engineers ride the train
to work while German designers drive to work."


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