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unintended flames

     Alright, look, idle stabilizer or cruise control or whatever does'nt 
     even come close to the problem associated with the nut behind the 
     The general public has a real hard time dealing with their lack of 
     ability or lack of education or lack of common sense. It is far too 
     easy to lay the blame on someone else. 
     If you have a problem opperating a vehicle is it the fault of the 
     vehicle or is it you inability to drive it?
     The vast majority of the un-intended accel claims that were made 
     against audi in the mid eighties were made by people who got in their 
     car and it "drove itself into the garage wall or another car or some 
     other object"
     There is no way that ANY audi can overcome it's brakes from a dead 
     stop. And realistically, if the person is just starting out, the car 
     is at a dead stop.
     On another note, take a look at the pedal spacing in the 5ks cars. I 
     think that it would be real easy to mash the gas pedal to the floor 
     thinking it was the brake, but then again, I do know how to drive the 
     I didn't write this post to claim that un-intended accel doesn't 
     exist, some of you have experianced it for yourselves. However it 
     looks to me like some of you are giving the people who made the 
     claims(and nearly ruined our marque) way too much credit.
     So, in conclusion, the driver should get their haed out of their ass 
     and be more aware of whats their doing.(or not doing.