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Ur-Q Cams & Clutch

G'day all

A friend of mine is running his 83 Ur-Q as a club car down in Sydney. He is
in need of a better cam & his clutch is on the way out.

He tells me that the current wisdom in the UK is to run a stock cam from
the non turbo coupe.  Any ideas as to whether that cam will be an
improvement? Logic says not but its getting very hard to find these cams in
the UK, so maybe there's something in it.  Assuming that its a worthwhile
mod, is the US cam the same as the Euro?
If not what cam do you put into the WR motor?

He also wants to upgrade his clutch, what the list recommendation? He is
planning on building up a second motor in the 300-350hp range. Speaking off
his other motor, is it practical to fit the fuel & ignition systems from a
MC to the WR? If so, what sort of cost for the fuel side (He's getting the
computer/loom etc with the other motor)

John Firkins