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Re: rendezvous

>On the same subject, I've heard of a video which was shot, I believe, in
>Austrailia, during their version of the Cannonball Run. The race there is not
>restricted the way it is here so it's top speed from point "A" to point "B"
>on public roads. Supposedly some great footage of an F40 among others. Anyone
>know anything about that one?

I havent seen any video pruced from the Cannonball. There was a fair bit of
news footage shot but I dont think it was compiled in a video. The great
footage of the F40 was probably of the cars final moments. The driver
turned into the control point which was on dirt a little off the highway at
an estimated 200kph.  He didnt make it.
Neither did the navigator ortwo race officials. As a consequence, the rest
of the event was restricted.

Ther may be another attempt to run the event again, once the Northern
Territory government has extracted itself from the courts, where various
people are trying to sue for negligence etc.

I never understood why you'd bother entering the event in the first place.
There is no speed limit in the Territory anyway, and as soon as you enter
yor insurance is null & void.

If anyone is really interested, I'll see what I can find, but it'll
probably be in PAL format

John Firkins