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1990 V8 Quattro Sedan front brakes/suspen (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 11:27:50 EST
From: MR DAVID K CRITZER <ZAMH43A@prodigy.com>
To: bob.Damato@snetel.com
Subject: 1990 V8 Quattro Sedan front brakes/suspen

Just bought abovementioned car. Had the front brakes/
rotors replaced.(internal calipers) 53K miles.

My questions are:  1) Was there a Mfg. recall on the
                               above equipment?
                           2) If previous owners did not respond
                               to recall, will Audi honor at this
                           3) Most important, what is approximate
                               cost for recommended work, if 
                              Mfg. recall is void?  
Thank you.