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Re: tqc/4000q susp&brake swap

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Ben Howell wrote:

>   Then you are going to run into the problem that you are going to have 
> with having 5 lug in the front and 4 lug in the rear. I don't know that 
> this is a *problem*, but I wouldn't like it to much (who am I though?). 
> The reason for this is that, the Ur-Q front strut housing takes a larger 
> wheel bearing than the 4k, so that leads us to the fact that you are 
> going to need the 5 lug hub to fit into the larger bearing.

I THINK that its only the OD of the bearing that is different between the 
UrQ and the 4K, im almost sure that the iD is the same, meaning hubs cann 
be interchangeable.


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