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Re: tqc/4000q susp&brake swap


  I am going to go ahead a try and deter you from this swap. First, the 
strut housing off the Ur-Q are not that easy to find and when you do find 
them, you are going to pay some good money for them. I tried to find one 
for my Ur-Q a while back and they were few and far between. Keith 
Anderson was my supplier on this part and he got $300 for one USED one. 
Max McDonald had one that was complete (hub, bearing, etc..) and he 
wanted $650. 

  Next you are going to, at least, need new ball joints because the ball 
joints fit into Ur-Q sturts only. Your 4k ball joint will NOT work. 

  Then you are going to run into the problem that you are going to have 
with having 5 lug in the front and 4 lug in the rear. I don't know that 
this is a *problem*, but I wouldn't like it to much (who am I though?). 
The reason for this is that, the Ur-Q front strut housing takes a larger 
wheel bearing than the 4k, so that leads us to the fact that you are 
going to need the 5 lug hub to fit into the larger bearing.

 I am sure that there is something else that you are going to run into, 
but I can't think of it now. Anything else I am missing?

Laters, Ben
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ
82  RX-7 GS