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Rial Aftermarket wheels

In searching for wheels for my 90Q 20V I ran accross RIAL Wheels. I purchased a set of the MS wheels 15x7"-37mm 
offset (six spoke). These wheels retailed for about $200. The wheels weigh about 17 lbs each and will maintain a 
relatively stock look to the car. The wheels were delivered w/lug bolts, bolt caps, and some kind of Nylon hub 
piece (maybe to prevent gauling with the hub)?

The wheels look to be very good quality (no casting lines or shoddy powder coating). Also the wheels look 
identical to those in their catalog (no shadow tricks or good looking show wheels).

RIAL offers excellent fitment for all Audis. Their catalog has a very detailed information for wheels and 
respective vehicles. All the wheels are TUV or ABE rated. They have specific offsets for each car not one wheel 
for a range of offsets.

Rial wheels are distributed through Rial America (800) 919-4335 contact Steve Orlinsky.

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