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Re: Power for the A6, also European Car Magazine!!??

>From: Eliot Lim <eliot@u.washington.edu>
>Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 13:15:45 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: Re: Power for the A6?
>> 	I recently got an A6 and I think it is great, except that the
>> car has poor acceleration.  Is there anything that I can do to the car
>> without affecting the warranty?
>yes, put 10K miles on it and reevaluate its performance.  audi engines
>take a long time to loosen up, which presumably means that they will
>last a very long time too.

I just talked to the performance guy at my dealership, he has a
modification for this.  He will modify the throttle body to deliver
more air through the primary throttle plate, which improves low-end and
mid-range power.  This removes the hesitancy off the line and gives you
better passing acceleration.

The trick is you gotta send him your throttle body, he will modify it
and return it in a day.  So if you take it out on Monday and overnight
it to him, he will modify it and overnight it back to you on Tuesday
and you can be up and running by Wednesday evening.  Cost's $300,
including the return shipping.

This modification has been EPA approved and also California Emmissions
approved.  These guys advertise in European Car magazine (which I never
heard of until today, but they say it has good coverage of Audi stuff,
including a story this month on the Joe Hoppen S6 chip.)  Call Craig
Jones at Schaumburg Audi, 947-843-9900.

As to the warranty, I leased a car from them, and they offered to put
the Hoppen chip in it (which I will have done later this month).  I
asked them about the warranty, and they said that they would ensure
that the warranty was honored through their dealership even though they
had modified the vehicle.  I suggest you talk to your dealer about
this, and have the work done by your dealer in conjunction with these
guys, maybe that will meet your warranty needs.

(Disclaimer:  I have no interest in Schaumburg Audi of any kind, I just
think they do good work.)

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