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Re: radar detectors

Some general comments regarding this thread:

1.  Someone commented that with occasional use they didn't help, too
much noise in the signal.  The better units (valentine, bel) can filter
out most of the noise, and with experience they can be very useful.
They certainly save my ass regularly.

2.  Another person asked about grill mounted units.  The most modern
units pick up signals out the front and back window, and tell you via
their display where the radar is coming from.  This is a very useful
feature that you won't get with a grill mounted unit.  The state of the
art units mentioned above are interior mounted, go with one of them.

3.  Uniden has been mentioned in the same context as the excellent bel
and valentine units, and it is not in the same class.  Mine falses so
much that it is a real pain in the butt to use.  The valentine is the
best unit money can buy, but it is expensive.  The bel is very close to
it, and somewhat cheaper.

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