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Re: Radar Detectors

>To the best of my knowledge, radar/laser detectors are only illegal in the
>state of Virginia and the District of Colombia.  A Bill to eliminate the ban
>has been brought to VA House for three years running and been killed
>each time.  Virginia has oodles of 65MPH highways and a detector would
>be nice.  On the other end of the spectrum, you're lucky to get half way
>to the speedlimit in DC (unless you're being shot at).
>BTW it is only illegal to OPERATE a radar/laser detector in the state of
>Virginia.  The POSSESSION of a detector is not illegal.  A detector is
>termed "in operation" if the driver can reach both the detector and its
>power source.  (read:  hefty toss over right shoulder when you see
>X-mas lights in the rearview).
>The whole confiscation issue is a bit fuzzy too.  The detector can be
>confiscated but many of the local Federalies like to get more creative.  A
>good friend is a Strate Pooper here in VA & he says that he asks
>offendors to back over their detectors and then hands the driver the
>smoking bits of his/her detector.  The Trooper really can't force the driver
>to do it,  just ask.  The power of suggestion is mighty strong when
>you've got a badge and a big ol' gun.
Actually just got to test the law first hand a couple of months ago.  I run
radar detectors all the time in all of my cars, and spend quite a bit of
time in both DC and VA (office is in VA, and I live two blocks from the DC
line in MD).  I got pulled over in VA in my Trooper (V8 was in the shop for
a timing chain).  In my Audi and Safari, you really can't see the detector.
However, if you look, you can see it in the trooper.  Anyway, the guy
pulls me over and asks for my license and registration.  Comes back after a
few and asks me if I've been drinking (it was 1.30 am and no drinks, i had
just worked late on a proposal).  So he says I am the lucky receipient of a
ticket for my detector...$25, no points on my record and no confiscating of
the unit.  Seems they had recently "de-criminalized" the act of operating
one.  I figured it was a good excuse to see if I was sober....

Mark Hogan
90 V8
88 Trooper II 4wd
94 Safari awd