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Re[2]: Radar Detectors

     This is bull***t.  I think they look at it along the same lines as 
     confiscating drug dealer's property: "if you break the law, we take 
     what we want".  Don't get me wrong, I happen to agree with this policy 
     when it applies to drug dealers but minor traffic violations...I think 
     Next thing you know, they will just take the car and be done with it!  
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: Radar Detectors
Author:  "Bob D'Amato" <Bob.Damato@snetel.com> at Internet
Date:    4/8/96 11:04 AM

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Chris O'Conor wrote:
> The whole confiscation issue is a bit fuzzy too.  The detector can be
> confiscated but many of the local Federalies like to get more creative.  A 
> good friend is a Strate Pooper here in VA & he says that he asks
> offendors to back over their detectors and then hands the driver the
> smoking bits of his/her detector.  The Trooper really can't force the driver 
> to do it,  just ask.  The power of suggestion is mighty strong when
> you've got a badge and a big ol' gun.
What right does an officer have to confiscate my personal property? Here 
in Connecticut, we call that stealing. Fines are reasonable, but thats 
all. The same goes for backing over it, they cant make me destroy my own 
property. Now if he wants to reimburse me the costs, thats another thing.
I guess they try to toss their weight around, thats what happens when you 
have no pen*s, lets demand respect instead of earning it.
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