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V8 Questions

Now that I've looked a couple of V8's, I have a few questions.

In the achieves, it says the 1990 V8's had great wrap around buckets, and they
went to the same seats found in 100/200 in 1991.  Is this true for all 1990's?

What year V8's came with the "V8" badge on the grill?  I love the looks of it!

One of the 90's I looked at had the 5 spoke wheels that look just like the ones
that came on the 100/200's.  They are painted pearl white, and the paint is
beginning to bubble in the middle of the wheel.  Has other people experienced
this?  I imagine once it is started, the only way to fix it is to sandblast the
wheels and repaint.  If somebody has had this happen, how long does it take to

What transmission software came on the 1990 V8's? What are the pro's and con's
of it?  How does one upgrade?  Via a new chip?

It has three positions, sport, econ?, and manual.  What does the manual position
do and when is it used?

Are there people out there with UFO brakes that don't stand on them on a regular
basis?  If so, do they provide satisfactory operation or will all rotors warp
with time? Can you get 60,000 miles out of a brake job that you replace the
rotors and pads (assume highway driving)?

I've seen some with the BBS's stock, and some with the 100/200 wheels.  Did one
type wheel come on certain years, or was it an option to get the BBS's?  Which
do current V8 owners prefer?

Thanks for your help. I've got the fever bad the last week, I need to find
another 91 200 TQ to compare a v8 to.  Anyone who has one in the Northeast for
sale, drop me a line.

Paul Waterloo