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V8's for Sale in Connecticut

I'm on the lookout for a nice V8 or '91 200 TQ and have come across three V8's
located mentioning in CT.  

1.  1990 V8, Pearl White, black interior, UFO brakes, Good (not great) shape,
68K, asking 19,900. Located at Pray Audi in Greenwich, CT. This car is one I
would consider, but isn't that perfect car that I'm looking for.

2.  1993 V8, Black with black interior, good to very good shape, stock BBS
wheels, no UFO's, I think mileage is about 40K.  Asking 32,500.  This car has
the "V8" badge on the grille, I love it!  This car looks great, but would break
my budget. Located at Pray Audi in Greenwich, CT.

3.  1992 V8, Pearl white with grey? interior, 45K.  UFO brakes, good shape, nice
and straight, tires in terrible shape.  Stock Audi phone taken out of car,
otherwise stock.  Asking price is 23,500.  This car is located at Valenti Audi
in Middlebury, CT.

Nothing to gain from any of these.

Paul Waterloo