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5k CSTQ Stalling All Speeds

My '87 5KSQ had problems with stalling, but it would just quit, mostly when
coming to a stop and putting the clutch in.  This went on for sometime (a year
or more), not happening with any frequency or condition.  The car finally died.
It ended up being the iginition system.  It was the power transitor that fires
the 12VDC to the primary side of the coil.

No way to troubleshoot this problems until the car is dead.  Doesn't sound
exactly like your problem, but who knows?

Paul Waterloo

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From: Kevin Boothroyd <kjb@blackmarket.mv.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 14:12:19 -0800
Subject: 5k CSTQ Stalling All Speeds 

My 87 5000 cstq has been stalling intermittently at all speeds for the last 800
miles. When it stalls and I get to the side 
of the road it sputters and then stops. It restarts fine and can go for days
without stalling again. Is this a sign that the 
fuel pump is on its way out? Intake leak? Other?