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Headers, anyone?

  If you haven't done so read already, read my message about Mountain 
Automotive. While talking to Mike, I explained how we had discussed the 
manifold dilemna for us turbo-I5 10-valve owners on the list. He was 
aware, of course, of the two-piece manifold option and its expense. We 
then talked about the unavailability of any headers, other then the $2000 
SS ones from Germany. He said he could design and build some high-quality 
headers if he knew he could sell enough to cover design costs. He 
claimed he could build ones that would equal anything anyone else could make.
What we need now is a list of people who are interested in this. He gave me
some very,very rough price estimates and all I can say is they would certainly
be very competetive with the price of the two-piece manifold.

So if you are interested, just answer these few questions and mail me 
back. If I get enough replies, he may build these. That would be way 
cool, dude!

1. What price would you be willing to pay? This is not so he can maximize 
profits, just so he will be able to know if he can sell them.

2. Would you be willing to pay a slight premium for stainless-steel ($200 

  I can tell you that he guessed he could sell these, even the 
stainless steel versions, for WELL under $1k. Even less for the reg. steel.
So if you are interested AT ALL, please mail me. And again, I am not 
benefitting from doing this, I am only trying to get up enough people so 
I can get my hands on a pair of these headers for my ultimate powerplant.

Brett Augsburger
'86 5000cstq