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READ THIS:Interesting Parts and Source


    I just got off the phone with Mike from Mountain Automotive Products 
whom I have been using as a parts source for the last several years. 
Mike is a mechanical engineer and a very interesting and intelligent 
individual. Some may recall my dilemna about the oil-spray jet in my 
cylinder head (which actually just regulates pressure). Well, my jet had 
shot out and become lodged between the head and cam and got eaten up. To 
add to the frustration, the part is not listed as being available from 
Audi at all. I explained the situation to Mike and he spent several hours 
of his time researching this for me. He finally discovered that the part 
was identical one used in a 4k-series car and could be had for $4.50. 
This is only one example of some of the exemplory service I have received 
from them.
     Here comes the interesting part. Being an engineer and Audi fanatic, 
Mike has addressed several of the problems inherent in Audi's and offers 
redesigned components that truly work. He gave me a few examples:

1. Window-regulator - my mind can't remember the details, but he was 
telling me about the weak areas in the design and how he redesigned it and 
has sold hundreds, mostly to shops, and has never had one sent back. Says 
they will last virtually forever.

2. Fan motor- explained to me how the front bearing was not sealed and 
only had a shield and would lose it's lubricant, get dirty and seize. He 
rebuilds the motors using sealed front and rear bearings. Again, he 
claims he has had no returns. Sounds to me like a good form of insurance 
on a higher mileage car and is definitely better than a fuse in the line.

3. A/C Programmer - forgot all the details, sorry. You will have to ask him.

4. Door-handle repair kit- I just installed one of these. Works great. 

 There may be others. but those are the ones we discussed. If you are 
about to replace any of these parts, you should consider his parts. They 
also are a source for all other Audi parts and have good prices. 


  I don't know if I should be telling you this but Mike has a new product 
that should be out shortly. That being a redesigned hydraulic pump. We 
discussed this together for a while. It could be the ultimate answer to 
all the problems people have been having with these things. I can't tell 
you what price he told me but I can tell you that it is approximately the 
cost of a REBUILT pump. I believe he uses ball-bearings instead of 
bushings. The other mods are too numerous and my memory is not clear but 
it made sense.

 Yes, this is a company recommendation. You know what comes next- I will 
gain nothing from....

 Use these guys. This is the type of companies we need. Those that are 
interested in the cars themselves, not just in making a buck, and are 
actually interested in redesigning poorly designed parts. Read the next 
message 'Headers, anyone?' for more good stuff.

Mountain Automotive Products, Inc.
 Call: 1-719-481-8705
 Order: 1-800-200-AUTO

Brett Augsburger
'86 5000cstq 

P.S. The entire conversation I had with him tonight was on his 800 line. 
Yep, all two hours of it.