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Re: Help wiring subwoofer in a TQC!

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, John Karasaki wrote:

> Sorry for the non-performance question here.  There was much stereo talk
> awhile ago, so: 1) I know someone on the list can answer my question.  2) I
> don't want the day's mail dominated by stereo talk again.
> I have a single subwoofer I want to hook up to the rear amplified channels
> of my TQC's stereo system.  How do I wire it into both the right and left
> channels so I don't lose any bass signals, but don't blow up my stereo?

If you have an external amp, it MIGHT be possible.  There are a couple of 
companies that make external processors that allow you to hook a sub to a 
2 channel amp already driving 2 speakers.  BUT, its a cheep fix with some 
serious compromises, and those compromises are sound quality.  If you're 
using a stock amp, its impossible.  You might get sound, but it'll be bad, 
much worse than it is now.  Either way, you'll need a crossover to filter 
the highs from the sub and the lows fromt he satelites.  Your best bet is 
to get an external amp with an onboard crossover.  Alpine and a/d/s make some 
excellent types for around $250-350.  Also, is the sub in an enclosure? 
I know that's a stupid question but its also very important.  If it isn't 
there's no point.