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Re: No Subject: Actually Stereo and Subwoofer Suggestions

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, The Judge wrote:

> John:
> Regarding your subwoofer question, get an amp.  What you need is preferably
> a "four-way" with RCA output jacks and a subwoofer channel, as a two-way
> will have to be rigged and will sound shitty.  A good 4-way with a

What do you mean by 4 way.  Usually that refers to how many drivers are 
in a speaker.  Do you mean 4 channel?

> Additionally, get a cheap "passive equalizer" and install it in your glove
> compartment (so it doesn't get stolen; they are slim enough so as not to
> take up any real space).  I had a multi-amp system with crossovers and
> component Alpine speakers.  While I do not have it now (stolen, the
> bastards), it sounded great.
I strongle recomend against the above.  The small, half din passive eq's 
add A LOT of distortion and noise.  They aren't very flexible either and 
end up being a glorified bass and treble control that does more harm than 
good.  I personally don't even use the much higher quality active trunk 
mounted eq's, even they add noise and distortion.  There's a LOT more to 
good audio than a flat frequency response.
> Get your stereo stuff from the Crutchfield catalog in Charlottesville, VA.
> Real cheap, great service/return policy and NO SALES TAX (unless you are in
> VA.)
> One more suggestion: Get an "add-on" CD changer.  Mine has a remote, has a
> 10 disc changer in the trunk (no stealin' this one) and hooked up to my
> stock stereo for only $300.

Just don't go for the FM Modulator type setups.  They tie your cd player 
into your tuner, so its like listening to the radio.  Most car tuners are 
pretty bad and give a seiously compromising performance.  Its much more 
worth you while to pull the stock head (that is, if you still have it) 
and replace it with an aftermarket CD head.  Make sure it has pre outs 
for you sub amp.