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Audi Audi Audis.

Hi.  This is my first post to the newsgroup discussion thing, but I can
already say I love it.  I love Audis.  It's great to find people
alike me.  I drive a 1986 5000 S, which I adore so much more than.. well
about everything.  It is my second Audi, my first was a 4000 from 1981.
What an experience that was.  My first car, when I was 15.  I took that
car everywhere, yeah, and it took me everywhere.
  Anyway.  I just wanted to start by asking a somewhat idiotic question,
but Hey, It's about Audis, so who cares?  *grin*  
 Okay, I have the factory manuals for working on an Audi 5000 model
from 1984-85, but not 86.  I am interested in replacing the front 
speakers, but, in the books, it says there is a tiny screw next to the 
grille.  But there isn't in mine.  I suppose this is because it is 
a 1986, instead of 85.  Woo.  So, in order to keep from damaging my 
godly Audi, how do I remove the grill and take out the speaker?
Also, are there any people out there with 5k's that they want to share
info on their sound installs?  That'd be great.
I look forwar to reading many posts!