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RE: 91 V8Q

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Peter Henriksen wrote:

> The UFO brakes are internal caliper brakes - look for a funny looking
> dish with slotted edges (kind of like a spoked wheel) covering the front
> rotors. Check out the archives for more information.
> The V8s are pretty cool cars. I'd go for a 5-speed if I could ever find
> one though :-)

Same as the 200TQ's of the 90-91 vintage. The original brake setups were 
part# 441 615 283L for up to chassis #5507, and 441 615 283R for later 
chassis. For anyone who cares, the retrofit brake part number is 441 615 
301A for the normal ones. Im pretty sure this 'part' is no longer 
available new from audi, but there are rumors of a few of the kits still 
I really need a life, dont I....


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