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Re: Instrument Bulbs, Sunroof Lube & Interior "Roof" Cleaner

At 08:30 PM 4/2/96 -0700, The Judge wrote:
>Here's the deal:
>I need help with a '90 80Q.  How do you get at the instrument panel to
>change bulbs?  I have checked the archives, but I don't have a horn button.
>I have an airbag, is this trouble?  Do I need to remove the steering
>wheel?  HELLLLPPPP!!!

You have to remove the airbag; it's not tough but I certainly would be
careful!  You undo the two Torx (I think) screws (one on each side of the
steering column).  The bag can then be carefully removed after unhooking the
wiring attaching it.  You then have to remove the steering wheel (big nut
and then use a puller), then remove the steering column cover, then you can
get at the screws holding the instrument panel in and pull it out (careful
of the speedometer attachment; remove that first).  You can then get to the
***WARNING*** The Bentley is very firm about only trained personnel removing
the airbag, never putting it down face down (keep the Audi rings up),
unhooking the battery first, etc.  You are dealing with an explosive.  If
you are not comfortable doing it, don't!!!

>What do you lube the sunroof with?  How much do you use?

White lithium grease, usually from a spray can.  Don't use a ton; it will
attract dirt when the sunroof is open if you do.

>How do I clean the material on the interior "roof."  What I mean is the
>area above my head in the car (headliner, etc.).  Suggestions?

I had to clean one to get the cigarette smoke out of it.  You have to be
gentle, especially with the piece that covers the sunroof, because it can
tear or sag easily.  The best thing I've found is some stuff from Westley (I
think?) called Dri-Clean, or something like that.  It's pink stuff in a
spray bottle that sprays out as a foam, then you rub it in (gently!) and
vacuum it off after it dries.  Similar cleaners should also work.

SLM (Mopar Man)