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Re: V8 Questions

At 09:14 PM 4/3/96 EST, Paul Waterloo wrote:
>Now that I've looked a couple of V8's, I have a few questions.
>In the achieves, it says the 1990 V8's had great wrap around buckets, and they
>went to the same seats found in 100/200 in 1991.  Is this true for all 1990's?

>From what I remember, the 1990's only had the buckets (sport seats) except
for the 1991 5-speeds (I had them on mine).  Later ones seemed to have
bigger seats.  Not sure on this though.

>What year V8's came with the "V8" badge on the grill?  I love the looks of it!

Starting with 1991 they had the front badge; starting with 1992 they also
added the 'quattro' script on the rear deck.

>One of the 90's I looked at had the 5 spoke wheels that look just like the ones
>that came on the 100/200's.  They are painted pearl white, and the paint is
>beginning to bubble in the middle of the wheel.  Has other people experienced
>this?  I imagine once it is started, the only way to fix it is to sandblast the
>wheels and repaint.  If somebody has had this happen, how long does it take to

All the 1990's had these wheels; blast and paint is the way to go.  Secret
to keep from having to do it is keeping the wheels clean, washing them once
a week (salt and brake dust are very corrosive).

>What transmission software came on the 1990 V8's? What are the pro's and con's
>of it?  How does one upgrade?  Via a new chip?

Sorry, don't know, had 5-speed.

>It has three positions, sport, econ?, and manual.  What does the manual
>do and when is it used?

Sport raises shift points & more aggressive, reverse on econ, and manual
allows starting or running in any gear (useful for starting in 2nd or 3rd in
the snow).

>Are there people out there with UFO brakes that don't stand on them on a
>basis?  If so, do they provide satisfactory operation or will all rotors warp
>with time? Can you get 60,000 miles out of a brake job that you replace the
>rotors and pads (assume highway driving)?

Got mine converted to the 'real' ones thru Audi.  Heat kills the UFO's, I
don't know if something like putting on 17" wheels with lots of cooling room
would help; anybody tried that?

>I've seen some with the BBS's stock, and some with the 100/200 wheels.  Did one
>type wheel come on certain years, or was it an option to get the BBS's?  Which
>do current V8 owners prefer?

Five spoke was standard only in 1990; BBS's were standard staring
1991-forward.  I like the BBS's.  Better look for the car.

SLM (Mopar Man)