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Re: 10vt header

In a message dated 96-04-04 12:14:17 EST, you write:

>	Hmmmm.  This talk about a cheap header for the 10v turbo sounds 
>interesting.  Now I'm not saying this guy can't do what he says he can 
>[in fact I hope he CAN & DOES] however, when talking about "cheap 
>headers" I think caution is advised.  Now, I'll admit to knowing 
>absolutely zero about construction of a header for an Audi, BUT, having 
>raced some killer Mopars years ago I can tell you that I paid something 
>like $1k for a stainless header to put on a way built 340-6 some 15 years 
>ago.  Granted, technology has probably changed, but there is A LOT repeat 
>A F'in BUNCH more to designing the "right" header than merely knowing how 
>to weld, bend, shape, etc.  Frankly, while I don't see the street 
>application [for me at least], read here "need" for the $2,200 German 
>product referenced in the earlier posts, I was not surprised at all by 
>the cost---if it does everything that a stainless 5 to 1 header should do.
>	Turbulence, or the lack thereof, is the key.  Can be called many 
>things, but turbulence is one of the important things to eliminate in 
>designing a high performance header system.  IT AIN'T easy to do, right.
>	No engineer talking here, but I travelled down many a dirt road 
>looking for REAL exhaust gains.  I was [and am] convinced that the money 
>it takes to design and manufacture [and, that is what you are buying with 
>any performance upgrade] really potent exhausts does not translate into 
>cheap cost to the end user.  Also, it was never the "first" money we 
>spent when we went looking for significant hp gains.  That said, IF this 
>guy can create a manifold to cat system that has a real life and shows 
>significant gains over that life, I'll buy 2.
>	Just my opinion--probably 50 guys on this list that know more 
>than I do about this subject.  
>See ya'

As one of the "new" 50, I would say a single word suffices here = "ditto"....
 And very well put too....  I am fresh off a 2 week education quest on the
exhaust systems in general and specifically of our tq's and without nerding
you all over it, the above post sums up the information I have gathered to
date and to a T.   Turbos makes designing exhaust manifolds exponentially
more critical, the compactness of the q turbo manifold itself puts the
importance into mindboggling ICU's......  That 2 piece manifold is looking
really inexpensive to me....  NJT