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10vt header

	Hmmmm.  This talk about a cheap header for the 10v turbo sounds 
interesting.  Now I'm not saying this guy can't do what he says he can 
[in fact I hope he CAN & DOES] however, when talking about "cheap 
headers" I think caution is advised.  Now, I'll admit to knowing 
absolutely zero about construction of a header for an Audi, BUT, having 
raced some killer Mopars years ago I can tell you that I paid something 
like $1k for a stainless header to put on a way built 340-6 some 15 years 
ago.  Granted, technology has probably changed, but there is A LOT repeat 
A F'in BUNCH more to designing the "right" header than merely knowing how 
to weld, bend, shape, etc.  Frankly, while I don't see the street 
application [for me at least], read here "need" for the $2,200 German 
product referenced in the earlier posts, I was not surprised at all by 
the cost---if it does everything that a stainless 5 to 1 header should do.

	Turbulence, or the lack thereof, is the key.  Can be called many 
things, but turbulence is one of the important things to eliminate in 
designing a high performance header system.  IT AIN'T easy to do, right.

	No engineer talking here, but I travelled down many a dirt road 
looking for REAL exhaust gains.  I was [and am] convinced that the money 
it takes to design and manufacture [and, that is what you are buying with 
any performance upgrade] really potent exhausts does not translate into 
cheap cost to the end user.  Also, it was never the "first" money we 
spent when we went looking for significant hp gains.  That said, IF this 
guy can create a manifold to cat system that has a real life and shows 
significant gains over that life, I'll buy 2.

	Just my opinion--probably 50 guys on this list that know more 
than I do about this subject.  

See ya'